About Me

I learned what empathy was early on in life. Most of it due to circumstances out of my control, but I like to believe that it is part of my nature and that it would lead to my current career.

I’ve always loved to create. Weird things, like drawing clowns or vases of flowers in the center of an otherwise vacant room. I did ballet until I was 13, when I was diagnosed with JRA. Ballet was the only other thing that made me unsure about art, so that made my future easy for me.

While enrolled as an illustration major at the American Academy of Art, I learned what graphic design was. You could say I grew up in a not-so-well-funded area. During my studies, I applied what graphic design I could to my illustration work. Though I still loved to illustrate and paint, I definitely had an eye for design. Not being able to to afford to switch majors, I worked 14 hours a week as an intern on top of our aggressive 24.75 hours of course work per week (and working that coveted 4am shift at Urban Outfitters). That hard-work and determination still exists today, though in reverse. I dedicate what time I have to continue illustrating while obsessing over design.

I have been fortunate to work in both print and web, but my heart lies in UI and UX — which is where my level of empathy really gets to shine. It’s not that I am above anyone else, or that I truly understand what others are THINKING, but I am good at reading emotions and following patterns. I have a strong sense of when someone is comfortable in their actions or if there is hesitation.

To learn more about my work experience and current position, please visit my LinkedIn profile.